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Photography by Jenni Francis, Carriacou Maroon Music Festival/ Grenada Board of Tourism

Festival Beat: the Drums of Carriacou

Issue 60 (March/April 2003) | 0 comments
In one of the Caribbean's tiniest communities, Simon Lee finds that the rhythms of history still stir the blood and move the spirit


Beat People

Issue 62 (July/August 2003) | 0 comments
Lil’ Rick defends his crown, Nilo Cruz wins a Pulitzer, Nadella Benjamin shines at Notting Hill, Michael Lee-Chin makes a big gesture, Lady Saw breaks lyrical barriers, Shola Lynch captures history on film, and Usain Bolt goes for gold

Bill Pilgrim, brother of composer Philip Pilgrim, conducts a performance of The Legend of Kaieteur at the National Cultural Centre in Georgetown, Guyana, during the 1972 Caribbean Festival of Culture and Arts, Soloist Barbara Burrows stands at centre-stage. Photograph courtesy Bill Pilgrim

The First Carifesta

Issue 62 (July/August 2003) | 0 comments
The first Carifesta, held in Guyana 31 years ago, celebrated the enthusiasm and energy of the newly independent Caribbean territories. As Suriname prepares to host Carifesta VII in August, Caribbean Beat looks back to the festival'd optimistic origins