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Kibi Wi Koni (2009), version created for an exhibition in Amsterdam. Installation, 300 x 800 x 500 cm. Photograph courtesy Marcel Pinas/Readytex Art Gallery

Marcel Pinas: the art of presence

Issue 122 (July/August 2013) | 0 comments
Surinamese artist Marcel Pinas has won an international reputation for his works incorporating elements of traditional Maroon culture


Full Frontal

News & Online Exclusives | 0 comments
Christopher Cozier on Gerard Gaskin’s Trinidad Artists series

'Accused/Blowtorch': a cry of anger from American artist Pat Ward Williams. Photograph by Christopher Cozier

Artists Gather in Cuba

Issue 11 (Autumn 1994) | 0 comments
The prestigious Havana Biennial is a showcase of Caribbean and Latin American art

Karl Broodhagen: Hands of Clay

Issue 34 (November/December 1998) | 0 comments
Barbadian scupltor Karl Broodhagen has chronicled an era by scuplting the people around him. He talks to Christopher Cozier about his life and work