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Best of brew — Caribbean coffee | Cookup

Issue 147 September/October 2017) | 0 comments
Coffee grown in the Caribbean is some of the world’s finest. Pricey Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica’s high elevations is celebrated by connoisseurs — but can locals actually afford it? And what can Trinidad and Tobago’s farmers learn from Jamaica as they seek to revive their own coffee production? Franka Philip talks to the experts about the present state and future prospects for the business of coffee beans

Often dismissed as a weed, purslane is rich in vitamin E. Photo by Wasanajai/

The truth about superfoods — Caribbean ones | Cookup

Issue 146 (July/August 2017) | 0 comments
Nutritionists dismiss the ”superfood” trend, promoting obscure ingredients as dietary wonders. Nonetheless, there are Caribbean plants packed with nutrients which ought to be better known. Franka Philip learns about a few of them

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The chocolate revolution in Trinidad & Tobago | Cookup

Issue 145 (May/June 2017) | 0 comments
Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa has long been considered among the best in the world, even though production has been declining for decades. A new generation of artisan chocolatiers are hoping to change that trend — while creating unique world-class chocolate products at home. Franka Philip finds out more

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

A compendium of curry | Cookup

Issue 144 (March/April 2017) | 0 comments
From Jamaican goat to Trini doubles, curry is one of the definitive flavours of the Caribbean. There are hundreds of curry blends around the world — what are the Caribbean’s best, and how are they evolving? Franka Philip finds out

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Fresh from the farm

Issue 140 (July/August 2016) | 0 comments
The farm-to-table movement is no longer just a foodies’ trend — it’s going mainstream, even in the Caribbean. Franka Philip explains why knowing where your produce comes from adds something special to your meal

Soca star Machel Montano, performing as Monk Monte, at the Heat Wave event during Carnival 2015, produced by Eventology. Photo by Mark Phillip-Simpson, courtesy Eventology

Eventful times

Issue 137 (January/February 2016) | 0 comments
Carnival is big business in Trinidad and Tobago — and not just during the “season,” as festival entrepreneurs move into year-round event coordination

Photo by Stacey Williams

Life is sweet

Issue 136 (November/December 2015) | 0 comments
T&T produces some of the world’s best honey, but many people consider it a luxury product. Franka Philip finds out how honey advocates are working to change that

Chef Jeremy Tilokee's Joe-San (steak roll) includes beef, asparagus, and avocado. Photography courtesy Samurai

Jeremy Tilokee: raw passion

Issue 134 (July/August 2015) | 0 comments
How are Caribbean sushi chefs reinventing the Japanese delicacy using local ingredients? Franka Philip asks Trinidadian chef Jeremy Tilokee

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Caribbean cooking for the future

Issue 132 (March/April 2015) | 0 comments
In a time of hectic daily schedules, when many households rely on takeaway restaurant meals, how do culinary traditions get handed down? Franka Philip talks to three food writers in Trinidad, Jamaica, and the United States about the importance of cooking skills for young people

Photograph by Elias Jaguar/

Our daily bread

Issue 129 (September/October 2014) | 1 comment
For many people, bread is a staple. Others have abandoned the daily loaf for health reasons. If you’re eating only mass-produced white bread, Franka Philip says, you’re not doing yourself any favours. A guide to bread at its healthiest and tastiest