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The protected forest of Tobago’s Main Ridge is one of the Caribbean’s natural treasures. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Tobago: green as an island

Issue 134 (July/August 2015) | 0 comments
Tobago may be best known for its breathtaking beaches, but the island’s natural beauty doesn’t end there. Helen Shair-Singh explores the attractions of forests, wetlands, and reefs, and explains how visitors can help preserve them for the future

Illustration by Kevon Webster

Get it while it’s hot: Barbados’ solar energy revolution

Issue 132 (March/April 2015) | 0 comments
With abundant and free sunshine literally falling out of the sky, why haven’t more Caribbean countries followed the Bajans in adopting solar power? Helen Shair-Singh investigates how Barbados became a global solar pioneer

Enjoying a breezy day at Manzanilla Bay. Photograph by Aaron Richards

Eastern Shore: Trinidad’s dramatic east coast

Issue 130 (November/December 2014) | 2 comments
Trinidad’s long east coast, stretching from Galera to Galeota, offers miles upon miles of sandy bays, picturesque villages, and vistas of coconut trees. And Helen Shair-Singh discovers you can explore it all in a day — pausing to take in the delights of scenery, conversation, browsing at local markets, and old-fashioned ice-cream

Bernadette Bedard. Photograph courtesy Passion Fruit Designs

Bernadette Bedard: swimwear that sizzles

Issue 99 (September/October 2009) | 0 comments
Crystals and a Carnival influence are the winning combination in Bernadette Bedard’s swimsuit designs

Models at Colin Williams` Studio in NYC, at an Earthmember4life photo shoot. They are wearing cotton cap-sleeved tees. Photograph courtesy Earthmember4life

Ashley Christmas: designer with down-to earth dreams

Issue 96 (March/April 2009) | 0 comments
Ashley Christmas knows where he belongs, and he wants everyone else to feel the same way – thanks to his new line of leisure wear

Hendy designs on the catwalk. Photograph courtesy Francis Hendy Inc.

Francis Hendy: the quiet man with the big name

Issue 103 (May/June 2010) | 0 comments
Helen Shair-Singh finds out how Francis Hendy, a modest tailor from Trinidad, became a celebrity designer in New York