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Still from Play the Devil

Caribbean Screenshots (September/October 2016) | Film Reviews

Issue 141 (September/October 2016) | 0 comments
This month’s film-watching picks

Photo by Mezart Daulet

Richard Fung: no easy readings

Issue 141 (September/October 2016) | 0 comments
Born in Trinidad, based in Canada, navigating between identities — gay, Chinese-descended, Caribbean diaspora — filmmaker Richard Fung was “intersectional” before the term even existed, writes Jonathan Ali, and his complicated background informs his pioneering, innovative work

Laura Guzmàn and Israel Càdenas met at film school in Cuba. Images courtesy Laura Guzmàn and Israel Càdenas

No money, no love

Issue 135 (September/October 2015) | 0 comments
Laura Guzmán and Israel Cárdenas, partners in life and in filmmaking, tell intimate stories with a lyrical touch. Their latest film, exploring sex tourism in the Dominican Republic, is a step towards something even more ambitious, writes Jonathan Ali

Chef Paul Carmichael. Photograph by Gabriele Stabile, courtesy Má Pêche

Bright lights, big city, hot sauce: Paul Carmichael

Issue 133 (May/June 2015) | 0 comments
How did Bajan hot sauce end up on one of New York City’s trendiest restaurant menus? Jonathan Ali meets chef Paul Carmichael

Shooting in the real-life barrio of Cristo Rey gives Leticia Tonos’s film its authentic feel. Photograph courtesy Leticia Tonos

Leticia Tonos: love story

Issue 129 (September/October 2014) | 0 comments
With her second feature film, the romantic tale Cristo Rey, director Leticia Tonos tackles the long, fraught relationship between the Domincan Republic and its neighbour Haiti. As Jonathan Ali explains, the filmmaker is no stranger to tough subjects

Photograph by Jonathan Ali

Paramaribo: rolling in the deep

Issue 108 (March/April 2011) | 0 comments
After strolling through the charming city of Paramaribo, Jonathan Ali takes on the Suriname River as it flows through the rainforest

A still from The Wind and the Water (2008), directed by Vero Bollow and the Igar Yaga Amerindian Collective of Panama. Photograph courtesy Vero Bollow

Riding the new wave of Caribbean cinema

Issue 105 (September/October 2010) | 0 comments
Jonathan Ali zooms in on how new technology is helping regional filmmakers revive the industry

The Signal Hill choir on the opening night of their 25th anniversary performance at Naparima Bowl, Trinidad. Photograph courtesy Signal Hill Choir/Anthony Harris

Signal Hill: The people’s voice

Issue 100 (November/December 2009) | 0 comments
Tobago's Signal Hill Alumni Choir has travelled the world to perform. Jonathan Ali listened to their siren song

Breadfruit illustration by Nikolai Noel

Breadfruit: superfood of St Vincent

Issue 96 (March/April 2009) | 0 comments
Often thought of as stodgy and dull, the humble breadfruit has an exciting history that’s part of one of the most famous seafaring stories

The facade of the Teatro Amazonas. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

Manaus: concrete and jungle

Issue 93 (September/October 2008) | 0 comments
Deep in the Brazilian rainforest, Jonathan Ali sips cocktails in the Paris of the Amazon, the city of Manaus