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Buena Vista Social Club, on CD

Music: A Cuban Love Affair

Issue 43 (May/June 2000) | 0 comments
People on the move

Andrea Levy. Photograph by Angus Muir


Issue 70 (November/December 2004) | 0 comments
British writer Andrea Levy on exploring her Jamaican roots in her novel Small Island — as told to Marina Salandy-Brown

Ready for the chop: Beaton as demon barber Desmond Ambrose. Photograph by Channel 4 Television

Beaton at his own game

Issue 4 (Winter 1992) | 0 comments
Guyanese actor Norman Beaton has conquered the British stage, worked with Laurence Olivier and become a household name as Desmond Ambrose, the exasperated Peckham barber in the TV sitcom. But what he really wants to do is play King Lear

Quixote With a Cutlass: Re-examining Christopher Columbus

Issue 3 (Autumn 1992) | 0 comments
Stephen Knox, Marina Salandy-Brown and Cristina Fagg examines the record of the man whose arrival in the Caribbean five centuries ago holds the world's attention in October