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Jamaica-born debut author Nicole Dennis-Benn. Photo courtesy Nicole Dennis-Benn

Word of mouth (September/October 2016)

Issue 141 (September/October 2016) | 0 comments
Caribbean writers star at the Brooklyn Book Festival, a new musical work remembers the Guyanese poet Martin Carter, and Trinidadians anticipate the sweet treats of Divali

Photo by Pressmaster/

CimaVax: revolutionary medicine

Issue 141 (September/October 2016) | 0 comments
The CimaVax vaccine may be the biggest breakthrough yet in the treatment of lung cancer — and it’s just one of the success stories of Cuba’s biotechnology innovation. Nazma Muller investigates

Mangroves and sea grass flourish in Barbuda’s Codrington Lagoon. Photo courtesy Waitt Institute

Barbuda — precious blue

Issue 139 (May/June 2016) | 1 comment
For islands, coastal waters form a boundary, but also a source of life, offering food and other resources, and protection from storms. When Barbuda’s coast began to suffer from decades of pollution and overfishing, the Blue Halo Initiative stepped in. Nazma Muller finds out more

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Easter fare

Issue 138 (March/April 2016) | 0 comments
No Caribbean holiday is thinkable without a delicious menu — and Easter weekend is no exception. Nazma Muller shares recipes for seasonal dishes from up and down the islands: Jamaican Easter bun, Bajan-style fried flying fish, and Martinique’s spicy matoutou crab stew

Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

Pelau vs Pelau

Issue 137 (January/February 2016) | 1 comment
It’s a tasty staple of family get-togethers, beach limes, and Carnival festivities — and there are as many recipes as there are cooks. Nazma Muller offers three versions of T&T’s beloved pelau

Seed pods of the castor plant. Photograph by Nuttapong Wongcheronkit/

Castor oil, please

Issue 136 (November/December 2015) | 0 comments
Nasty-tasting castor oil was once the bane of Caribbean childhoods. But now an innovative line of beauty products from Haiti is putting castor beans to a different use — and helping make Haiti’s hills green again, Nazma Muller reports

Photography by lev radin /

Dustin Brown: Ride, Natty, Ride

Issue 135 (September/October 2015) | 0 comments
Dustin Brown didn’t make it to the Wimbledon finals, but he still conquered Jamaican affections, on- and offline

Photograph courtesy Aruba Reusable Bag

The garbage problem: the Caribbean tackles recycling

Issue 135 (September/October 2015) | 0 comments
Disposing of garbage is a growing concern for small islands with limited space for landfills. Aruba is tackling it head-on with an ambitious recycling programme, Nazma Muller explains — are other Caribbean countries following suit?

Panoramic view of Las Cuevas Bay. Photograph courtesy TDC

Show me your blue flag

Issue 134 (July/August 2015) | 1 comment
Only three Caribbean countries so far have beaches certified by Blue Flag, an international programme for assessing the health of coastal waters. Nazma Muller investigates why this matters to sea-bathers and the tourism sector alike

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The transparency challenge

Issue 133 (May/June 2015) | 0 comments
What the new Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative means for Trinidad and Tobago’s economy