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Photograph © Mariusz Prusaczyk/

Mt Roraima: “I could hardly imagine how we came all this way”

Issue 134 (July/August 2015) | 0 comments
Caribbean Beat editor Nicholas Laughlin on his trek to Mt Roraima, his most memorable trip in a decade of travel


Bookshelf (March/April 2002)

Issue 54 (March/April 2002) | 0 comments
New books from and about the Caribbean

The 741-foot drop of Kaieteur was formed by the Potaro River’s gradual erosion of a soft sandstone plateau. Photograph by Philippe Kok

Kaieteur dreaming

Issue 132 (March/April 2015) | 0 comments
With their 741-foot drop over a sandstone plateau, the majestic Kaieteur Falls are an icon of Guyana, and a must-see for adventure travellers. But while most visitors hop down on an airborne day-trip, a lucky few get to experience this natural wonder the old-fashioned way, travelling by boat up the Potaro River. Nicholas Laughlin recounts the journey, and the falls’ magnetic attraction


Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 2002)

Issue 53 (January/February 2002) | 0 comments
This month's reading picks

The green cliffs of Hermaness are home to sheep and seabirds. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

Beyond the beyond: the Shetland Islands

Issue 130 (November/December 2014) | 0 comments
The Shetland Islands, northernmost part of the United Kingdom, seem utterly remote on the map. But Nicholas Laughlin finds they have a busy history as a crossroads of the North Atlantic

Writer Marlon James. Photograph by Jeffrey Skemp

Word of mouth (November/December 2014)

Issue 130 (November/December 2014) | 0 comments
2014’s hottest Caribbean novel, Caribbean artists on show in Santa Fe, and a celebration of food and drink in Barbados

For centuries, the vast plaza known as the Zócalo has been the heart of Mexico City. Photograph by Papa Bravo/

Finding the centre in Mexico City

Issue 128 (July/August 2014) | 0 comments
Nicholas Laughlin arrives in Mexico City, and realises his whole notion of geography is wrong. The Aztecs thought this was the centre of the universe — maybe they were right

Inside the Salle des Reclusionnaires – the solitary confinement area – on Ile Royale. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

The man with the butterfly tattoo

Issue 100 (November/December 2009) | 0 comments
Real-life adventure or just a rollicking good yarn? Nicholas Laughlin reads between the lines of Papillon, the classic account of an escape

Ian McDonald. Photograph courtesy Macmillan Caribbean

Ian McDonald: evening in the garden

Issue 96 (March/April 2009) | 0 comments
Poet and novelist Ian McDonald shares his memories of a rich and happy life with Nicholas Laughlin

Engraving after a portrait of Maria Sibylla Merian by her son-in-law, Georg Gsell. Photograph courtesy History of Science Collections, University of Oklahoma Libraries

Maria Merian: the Caterpillar lover

Issue 96 (March/April 2009) | 0 comments
Nicholas Laughlin tells the curious tale of how a middle-aged 17th-century German housewife and mother travelled to the tropics...