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Last captive Sisserou held in the aviary of the Botanical Gardens, Roseau. Photograph by Paul Reillo/RSCF

Saving the Sisserou

Issue 44 (July/August 2000) | 0 comments
Dominica's Sisserou seems to a relic from an earlier time: it doesn't quite look, or behave, like the parrots people in the Caribbean often see squawking across the sky on evenings - and, unlike its cousins, the Sisserou is endangered. But the Sisserou has some good friends who have found a way to help save this remarkable bird. Peter Rickwood explains

Back from the brink: the St. Lucia parrot

Requiem for the Monk Seal

Issue 4 (Winter 1992) | 0 comments
Some animal speceis have disappeared from the Caribbean forever. But others are being saved.


Little Tobago: Counting the Birds of Paradise

Issue 24 (March/April 1997) | 0 comments
The quarry has long since flown away, but scientists are still looking for it

Capt. Tor Torsteinson on the bridge. Photograph by Chris Huxley

The Windward Side

Issue 26 (July/August 1997) | 0 comments
Peter Rickwood joins a former Norwegian coastal ferry that now carries passengers and goods along the island chain from Venezuela to St. Lucia