Contributor: Polly Pattullo

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Yellow heliconia at Under the Pipe. Photograph by Mary Walters

Gardening in the tropics

Issue 83 (January/February 2007) | 0 comments
Looking at her one-acre garden in Dominica, Polly Patullo muses over the links between landscape, memory, and desire

Llewellyn Xavier

Turning Green: St. Lucia’s Llewellyn Xavier

Issue 2 (Summer 1992) | 0 comments
St Lucian artist Llewellyn Xavier is using his painting to dramatise environmental problems, and has found an ingenious way of doing it

Phyllis Allfrey in the last years of her life. Photograph courtesy Impact Photos

Phyllis Alfrey: The Art of Living Together

Issue 6 (Summer 1993) | 0 comments
Polly Pattullo looks back at the achievement of Dominica's writer-politician, Phyllis Alfrey

On location in Dominica. Photograph by Sarah Quill

Horace Ové: Coming Home

Issue 10 (Summer 1994) | 0 comments
A boost for the Caribbean film industry? Film director Horace Ové is returning to the Caribbean after many years working in Britain

The ruins of Plymouth. Photograph by David Lea

Montserrat: Mountains of Ash

Issue 32 (July/August 1998) | 0 comments
Plymouth and Montserrat after the Soufrière Hills volcano


Off the Beaten Track: Macuro, Trinidad

Issue 33 (September/October 1998) | 0 comments
The village of Macuro in Trinidad, a two-and-a-half-hour boat ride from Guiria