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An interior view of e TecK's flagship building. Photograph courtesy e TecK

A stroll in the InTech park

Issue 99 (September/October 2009) | 0 comments
Cars are banned, there’s a butterfly reserve in it – but this east Trinidad project is also on the cutting edge of science and green technology

Courtyard by Marriott at night. Photograph courtesy Courtyard By Marriott

Sunny business: Trinidad business hotels

Issue 86 (July/August 2007) | 0 comments
Not everyone who visits Trinidad goes for pleasure: some actually go for business, and there are hotels catering specifically to their needs

Courtesy Forestry Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad and Tobago

Pawi, Please!

Issue 40 (November/December 1999) | 0 comments
The elusive pawi has been hunted in the forest of Trinidad. Now the bird that many people believed did not exist is making an appearance

Christo Glen Adonis, dressed for his duties as a shaman. Photograph by Andrea De Silva

Christo Adonis: 21st Century Carib

Issue 33 (September/October 1998) | 0 comments
Christo Glen Adonis, 39, is a descendent of the Karina Pogoto tribe of Caribs. There aren’t many of his people left.