Contributor: Sharon Almerigi

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Illustration by Lilo Nido

Riding the Bus in Grenada (a Poem)

Issue 8 (Winter 1993) | 0 comments
Sharon Almerigi takes her life in her hands

Photograph by Chris Huxley

Luther François: Hearing The Music

Issue 12 (Winter 1994) | 0 comments
St. Lucia's Luther François in one of the Caribbean's most versatile musicians and leader of the West Indies Jazz Band

The Dockyard Museum at English Harbour, once the admiral's house. Photograph by Sharon Almerigi

Lord Nelson’s Legacy in Antigua

Issue 12 (Winter 1994) | 0 comments
One of the most successful conservation projects in the Caribbean is Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua. Sharon Almerigi investigates

Illustration by Salini Seereeram

Last word: the Grenada travel cop

Issue 13 (Spring 1995) | 0 comments
Sharon Almerigi falls in love with a Grenada traffic cop

Lennox Honychurch: Love for an Island

Issue 15 (September/October 1995) | 0 comments
Sharon Almerigi meets Lennox Honychurch, whose books, paintings, poems, designs and conservation projects all celebrate his native Dominica