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A colourful Tufted Cocquette poised for a sip of vervine nectar. Photo by Ondrej Prosicky/

Grow wild

Issue 141 (September/October 2016) | 0 comments
You don’t need to venture deep into the forest to encounter fascinating wildlife. Even an ordinary urban garden can attract birds, butterflies, and more, if you know how. Sharon Millar tells you how

The Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca once protected the city of Santiago de Cuba from sea invasion. Photo by

Cuba — the enigma of an island

Issue 139 (May/June 2016) | 0 comments
On her first visit to Cuba, Sharon Millar finds both the unexpected — an Egyptian mummy? — and a reassuringly familiar Caribbean vibe

One of Sharon Millar’s chickens exploring her garden. Photography by Sharon Millar

Fowl play

Issue 135 (September/October 2015) | 0 comments
Rearing domestic poultry is nothing new. But nowadays minding hens isn’t just about the eggs, writes Sharon Millar, a newly converted chicken fancier

Ruins of the former leprosarium on Chacachacare. Photograph by William Barrow

Among the Dragon’s Mouths: Down the Islands, Trinidad

Issue 133 (May/June 2015) | 2 comments
The tiny islands scattered off Trinidad’s north-west peninsula, separated by the sea channels called the Bocas del Dragon, are beautiful and sometimes eerie outposts of history. Gasparee, Monos, Chacachacare, and the others have long been known as holiday retreats, writes Sharon Millar, but their bays and hills also conceal a wealth of stories

Beckett painting for the film Alabaster Moon. Photograph by Michele Jorsling

Sarah Beckett: mixed media

Issue 97 (May/June 2009) | 0 comments
Sarah Beckett has been a painter since coming to Trinidad in the 1960s, but her work also incorporates music, poetry and film

The International House Museum and Edgar Challenger Library in Basseterre, St Kitts. Photograph by Hans Mallalieu

The little house of history: St Kitts’ International House Museum & Edgar Challenger Library

Issue 94 (November/December 2008) | 0 comments
Sharon Millar rummages through the historical documents in a tiny museum-cum-library in St Kitts

Stray Mongrels and White Negroes, 2006. Photograph courtesy Abigail Hadeed

Roberta Stoddart: painting from life

Issue 92 (July/August 2008) | 0 comments
Sharon Millar speaks to Jamaican artist Roberta Stoddart and admires her ability to find beauty in the uncommon and forgotten

Professor Donald K Gordon at Canadian bookstore A Different Booklist for the launch of his controversial book. Photograph by Donna Yawching

Snapshots (March/April 2008)

Issue 90 (March/April 2008) | 0 comments
Look out for these rising Caribbean stars

Fishtail ferns soften the edges of the riverstone path. Photograph by Michelle Jorsling

Sexy orange & purple petrea

Issue 89 (January/February 2008) | 0 comments
Sharon Millar battles snakes, hard soil and a jungle-like backyard to create a garden that leaves her breathless with excitement

1920 painting of Marie Laveau (1794-1881) by Frank Schneider, based on an 1835 painting (now lost) by George Catlin. Photograph by Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans (Source Wikipedia)

Who Dat? New Orleans’ Caribbean connections

Issue 119 (January/February 2013) | 0 comments
When Sharon Millar visited New Orleans, she discovered the delta city has a few supernatural connections with the Caribbean as well