Illustration by Lilo Nido

Riding the Bus in Grenada (a Poem)

Sharon Almerigi takes her life in her hands.


Caribbean Bookshelf (Autumn 1993)

Roundup of books of Caribbean interest.

The Slippers Man

The Slippers Man

Paul Keens-Douglas tries to economise in these hard times, but quickly meets his match.

Author Ian Thompson

Ian Thomson: Hooked on Haiti

Kathryn Topham meets Ian Thomson, the author of a new full-length book on one of the Caribbean's most intriguing countries - Haiti.


Caribbean Bookshelf (Summer 1993)

Some new and recent books about the Caribbean.

Mustapha Matura. Photograph by David Ross

Mustapha Matura: My London

The Caribbean-born playwright Mustapaha Matura settled in London three decades ago. He explains what he loves best about his adopted home.

Phyllis Allfrey in the last years of her life. Photograph courtesy Impact Photos

Phyllis Alfrey: The Art of Living Together

Polly Pattullo looks back at the achievement of Dominica's writer-politician, Phyllis Alfrey.

Walcott in his beloved St Lucia. Photograph by Bruce Paddington

Derek Walcott’s Nobel Works

In a special tribute to the 1992 Nobel laureate for literature, Jeremy Taylor, Raoul Pantin, Pat Ismond, and Skye Hernandez look back at Derek Walcott's career.


Caribbean Bookshelf (Spring 1993)

A round up of new and recent books about the Caribbean.

Betty Kissoon-Singh

Doctor Betty in the Kitchen

'Betty K' has made the transition from successful medic to best-selling author.