Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Word of mouth (January/February 2014)

Discover Trinidad’s marathon fete season, Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico, and the Mustique Blues Festival.

Photograph by Aaron Richards

Caribbean datebook (January/February 2014)

Your guide to Caribbean events in January and February — from Carnival celebrations to literature festivals.

City of Lights. Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Word of mouth (November/ December 2013)

Discover Trinidad’s Divali Nagar, Miami’s international art fair, and Jamaica’s annual pantomime .

Golden Rock Regatta. Photograph courtesy Bob Grieser and Jaqueline Van De Weijer

Caribbean Datebook (November/December 2013)

Events around the Caribbean in November and December .

Pan de batata. Photograph by Clara Gonzalez

The taste of home: Christmas recipes from the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, Christmas is time for a feast. But how do you recreate the taste of home when you’re far away? Clara Gonzalez gets creative.


Caribbean Playlist (November/December 2013)

Recent tunes to get your feet tapping.


Caribbean Bookshelf (November/December 2013)

This month’s reading picks — from photography to fiction .

A balanced combination of leather and silk makes this Makeda clutch a must-have. Photograph courtesy Kesi Gibson

In the bag: Jamaican designer Kesi Gibson

Jamaican designer Kesi Gibson of Kyu Mélange creates handbags inspired by different cultures .