Culture. Photograph by Adrian Boot

The best of them all: great moments in reggae music

Garry Steckles remembers some of the greatest moments in the history of reggae music.

Book Buzz (May/June 2005)

Book Buzz (May/June 2005)

New and recent books from the Caribbean.

Sports Buzz (March/ April 2005)

Sports Buzz (March/ April 2005)

The Cotton Tree Foundation enlists celebrity golfers for a good cause, and South Africa's best arrive to challenge the Windies cricket team.

Dennis de Caires in his studio in Barbados. Photograph courtesy Dennis de Caires

Art buzz (March/April 2006)

Guyana-born Dennis de Caires develops a metaphysics of colour in his “St George’s Paintings” • Tamara Sanowar-Makhan explores her Trinidadian roots....

Toronto Islanders, with Trini friends, form a Cow Band for J`Ouvert, Carnival 1987. Photograph by Gera Dillon

Fire and ice

A settlement of Canadians builds Trinidad-style costumes in the bitter winter of the Great Lakes. Donna Yawching questions their sanity.

Simla, 2008. Photograph by Christopher Broadbridge

The view from Simla

Christopher Broadbridge climbs battlements and terraces to visit Simla, a tropical research centre hidden in the hills of Trinidad.

Patrick Parson. Photograph by Peter Stipcevich

Patrick Parson: soulful messiah of Ballet Creole

Patrick Parson brought Afro-Caribbean dance to Toronto two decades ago. He told Donna Yawching how he made history.

Edwidge Danicat. Photograph by Renato Rotolo

Edwidge Danticat: finding her way home

Since the publication of her first novel, Breath, Eyes, Memory, in 1994, Edwidge Danticat has been hailed as “the voice of the Haitian-American experience"....

Caribbean Bookshelf (September/October 2006)

Caribbean Bookshelf (September/October 2006)

Elizabeth Nunez’s novel Prospero’s Daughter and a glimpse at the Caribbean’s most glamorous homes.

GAP Adventure founder Bruce Poon Tip. Photograph courtesy GAP Adventures

Bruce Poon Tip: capitalist with a conscience

Trinidad-born Bruce Poon Tip exposes travellers to adventures around the world with his Great Adventures People company.