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Word of mouth (July/August 2013)

Join the fun at Caribbean Carnival Toronto and Barbados Kadooment, and celebate fifty years of Trinidad’s Marionettes Chorale.


The shape of a name: Guyanese-Canadian artist Sandra Brewster

For Guyanese-Canadian artist Sandra Brewster, the phone book, with its long lists of names, sums up the way individual lives can disappear into .


Kobo Town: Sing the beloved country

Based in Toronto but drawing on the musical traditions of Trinidad, Kobo Town fuses old-time calypso with up-to-the-moment poetic lyrics. .

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Ian Harnarine: Family Ties

Trini-Canadian filmmaker Ian Harnarine’s debut Doubles with Slight Pepper is already an international prizewinner..


Island girl

Wintering on a Canadian island, Donna Yawching was reminded – surprisingly – of her tropical home.

The Fair-Trade Ensemble, led by Ben D’Cunha on the piano. Photograph by Donna Yawching

‘Round breakfast

Early-morning jazz music is a specialty at Ellington’s café in Toronto. Donna Yawching samples the menu.

Angus Mackay in his studio. Photograph courtesy Angus Mackay

Rhythms International rocks

Radio DJ Angus Mackay is spreading the gospel of world music, one Iraqi at a time. Garry Steckles is a convert to the cause .

Hot Shoppe in a cold country

Hot Shoppe in a cold country

It’s not just homesick and hungry West Indians who visit this Caribbean outpost in Canada. Debbie Jacob finds out why .

Festive favourites: five Caribbean celebrities on their Christmas food favourites

Festive favourites: five Caribbean celebrities on their Christmas food favourites

Nazma Muller asked some Caribbean celebrities what they like to eat – especially at this time of year. They offered recipes, secrets and tips.


Upbeat (Autumn 1995)

New Caribbean music - reggae, calypso, soca, and pan .