Photograph by Jose Carlos Gonzalez

Baby John

In the Venezuelan town of Curiepe, the festival of San Juan brings flags, drumming, and processions.

Photograph by Dri Castro

Los Roques: 50 shades of blue

Off the north coast of Venezuela, Los Roques is an archipelago of white sand cays surrounded by numerous shades of breathtaking blue sea.

Caracas Aerial Tramway. Photograph by Jose Carlos Gonzales

High rise over Caracas

Riding high over Caracas.

The Dancing Devils tradition is also found in other towns and villages in Venezuela, but Yare is the best known. Photograph by Mauricio Plaza

Mauricio Plaza: dance with the devils

Photographer Mauricio Plaza shares images of the Dancing Devils of Yare, a Venezuelan Corpus Christi tradition since the sixteenth century .

The museum on Angostura’s compound, detailing the history of the organisation and its most famous product. Photograph by David Wears

JGB Siegert: a taste for adventure

Judy Raymond traces the long and exciting journey of Angostura bitters’ inventor Dr JGB Siegert, from the battlefield of Waterloo to the rainforests.

View of Kukenan and Roraima from the second mirador on the trail from Paraitepui, Canaima National Park, Estado Bolivar, Venezuela.  Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

Mt Roraima: House of the Gods

Nicholas Laughlin retraces his steps to the summit of the mystical Mt Roraima.

Rebuscar performing in Lopinot. Photograph by Caldeo Sookram

Viva Parang

In Trinidad, the sound of Christmas is parang, a living reminder of the island’s Hispanic heritage.

The late queen of salsa, Celia Cruz. Photograph courtesy Mary Kent

The Latin Music Hotlist

The Hispanic Caribbean boasts a dizzying diverse musical scene, with sounds ranging from son to jibaro, bomba to salsa, cumbia to reggaeton. Where should the enthusiastic amateur start?.

Illustration by James Hackett

Losing it

Jeremy Taylor remembers the Caribbean Beat editor who went to Venezuela and lost his pants.

George Lamming. Photograph by Ronnie Carrington

An afternoon with George Lamming

Simon Lee talks to legendary Caribbean writer George Lamming.