Dominica’s great frog rescue

When a deadly fungus threatened to wipe out the Mountain Chicken in Dominica, researchers came up with a daring rescue plan.

Happenings (November/December 2011)

Happenings (November/December 2011)

A round-up of current and coming events on the Caribbean calendar.

The ruins of Plymouth. Photograph by David Lea

Montserrat: Mountains of Ash

Plymouth and Montserrat after the Soufrière Hills volcano.

Gregory Gill of Barbados watches his partner Elwyn Oxley spike as Philippe Pignol of Guadeloupe attempts to block in the final. Photograph courtesy Leisure Entertainment

Happenings (September/October 2009)

A round-up of current events on the Caribbean calendar.


Island Beat (Summer 1995)

Partying in St. Lucia, Carnival in Grenada and Antigua, Crop Over in Barbados, fine dining in Tobago, plus turtles, sport fishing, cricket and more.




Island Beat (September/October 1996)

News from around the islands .

Campaigning in St Vincent, 1984. Photograph courtesy Macmillan Caribbean

Bookshelf (September/October 2007)

Beyond the Islands: An Autobiography is a colourful journey into the life of former St Vincent prime minister James Mitchell .


Island Beat (September/October 1998)

What's hot and happening in the islands.

Masqueraders perform at the 2009 Cudjoe Head Day Festival. Photograph by Keith Dyett

Goat water in Cudjoe head

Never mind the volcanic eruptions, these Montserrat folks have a festival to celebrate. James Fuller joined the party.