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Photograph by Jeff Gynane/

Spice of life

The spices of life in Marigot market.

Photograph by Fabi Fliervoet

Tintamarre: Unlikely Island

Tiny Tintamarre is the haunt of beach-loving daytrippers. But, there's more to the little island off the coast of St Martin.

Taymer Mason. Photograph by Jacky Gotin

My vegetable love

Going vegetarian is a healthy choice that’s easier – and tastier – than you think, explains Franka Philip.

The stylised wine bottles and Champagne glasses depicted in the gingerbread fretwork of the Philipsburg Liquor Store. Photograph by Donald Nausbaum

Double your pleasure: Sint Maarten or Saint-Martin

Two islands in one? Sint Maarten or Saint-Martin, part Dutch, part French, is two nations, two cultures, two experiences.