Bethany. Photograph by Caribbean Estates

About that Caribbean dream home…

Property prices vary dramatically among Caribbean countries. Mark Wilson looks at what money will buy in four islands.

Pan-Africanist leader Marcus Garvey. Photograph courtesy the National Library of Jamaica

Caribbean Voices

"Nothing was created in the West Indies", V.S. Naipaul famously wrote. Yet many of the earliest writers and thinkers in the Americas were Caribbean men and women, creating histories, novels, essays, poems, autobiography, newspapers, new political thought. Tony Martin puts the case for the defence.

Joebell and America director Asha Lovelace (front left) with crew members, on location in Lopinot. Photograph by Georgia Popplewell

The Lovelace Project: Joebell and America

The film Joebell and America shows off the talents of Trinidadian writer Earl Lovelace and his talented offspring.

Favourite Clicks

Some of our favourite websites have been upgraded or have changed their addresses in recent months. Michael Goodwin gives the scoop on some essential Caribbean resources.


New Music from the Caribbean (September/October 2002)

A roundup of new CDs from around the Caribbean.


New and Recent Books about the Caribbean (September/October 2002)

The latest books from and about the Caribbean.

book cover

Unravelling the Great Dictator, Rafael Trujillo

In The Feast of the Goat, Peruvian author Mario Vargas Llosa takes on Rafael Trujillo, one of the Caribbean’s most notorious dictators. James Ferguson explains why this novel, published in 2000, has already become a classic.

Photograph courtesy the National Hurricane Center

Keeping an eye on the Caribbean’s hurricane alley

une to November is the Atlantic hurricane season. That’s when countries in the region rely most heavily on the National Hurricane Center in Miami to keep them informed. Margaret McEvoy visits the NHC as it gears up for a new season.

Illustration by Jason Jarvis

In praise of the Caribbean cigar

Bob Williamson muses on his smoke of choice.

Dinner time in the Islands

Trying to remember the dish that made your mouth water somewhere in the islands, and can't remember the name or how to make it? Michael Goodwin has the online solution.