Illustration by Shalini Seereeram

When Cuba flew the Union Jack

As British visitors flock to Havana, James Ferguson recalls an earlier invasion – by the Royal Navy.

Gone tomorrow

Gone tomorrow

Jeremy Taylor on Finding Mañana, by Mirta Ojito.

The Cuban question

The Cuban question

Jeremy Taylor on Cuba: A New History, by Richard Gott.

Fidel Castro: score one to the maximum leader

The Mariel Boatlift brought bad news for Miami and for Jimmy Carter. James Ferguson explains the craft – in more senses than one – of the Cubans.

Jamaica`s Cockpit Country is home to globally-important biodiversity but could be devastated by bauxite mining. Photograph courtesy Birdlife International/Susan Koenig

Caribbean birds: on a wing and a prayer

Bird life in the Caribbean seems to be flourishing, but some species are threatened. James Fuller goes birdwatching in search of them.

Midtown Manhattan--West 42nd Street, near Times Square. Photograph by David Corio

Happenings (January/February 2009)

A round-up of current events on the Caribbean calendar.

President of Cuba Fulgencio Batista giving a speech. Photograph by Stan Wayman/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

New year, new era

As Cubans mark 50 years of Fidel, James Ferguson looks back at the day when Castro and Che Guevara first came to town.

Cameraman Justo Fuentes sets up a panoramic shot of Old Havana rooftops. Photograph by Ian Craig

The revolution is being televised

Cuba’s film school now accepts students from the English-speaking Caribbean. Ian Craig takes a workshop there.

Cuba`s Dayron Robles competes to place first in the men`s 60m hurdles in Stuttgart, Germany, in February. Photograph courtesy OLIVER LANG/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Top ten Caribbean Olympic hopefuls 2008

Who will bring the Caribbean Olympic glory in Beijing? Kwame Laurence assesses the regional hopefuls for 2008.

Cult Cargo. Photograph courtesy GBI Recordings

Music buzz (September/October 2007)

Jointpop’s new album The January Transfer Window may be their ticket out of obscurity.