Issue 13
(Spring 1995)

In this Issue:

Cover picture by Sean Drakes, accessories by Leah Gordon

Issue 13


Carter takes his ride in a prison van with fellow detainees Cheddi Jagan (now Gayana's President) and Rory Westmaas 1954. Photograph courtesy Mirror Achives, Georgetown

Martin Carter: The Poems Man

Guyana's great poet Martin Carter has been a political prisoner and a government minister. Bruce Paddington tells his story

Nobel prize-winner Derek Walcott celebrated his friendship with Dunstan St Omer in his poetry. Photograph by Bruce Paddington

Hail Mary: the Art of Dunstan St. Omer

St Lucian painter Dunstan St Omer dedicates all his work to the Virgin Mary. Caroline Popovic went to meet him

Photograph by Stephen Thorpe

Caribbean Adventure Trail

Stephen Thorpe on nature, wildlife and hiking holidays in the Caribbean

Cleo Laine. Photograph by Stefon Samuels

Caribbean Cleo? The amazing Cleo Laine

The acclaimed jazz singer Cleo Laine had a Jamaican father. Is that where her music comes from? Michael Church finds out

Solar panels in the school roof. Photograph by Bertrand de Peaza

Behind God’s Back: Matelot, Trinidad

Niala Maharaj in an isolated Caribbean village - Matelot in Trinidad - that has learned how to help itself

Jamaican entrepreneur Butch Stewart

Butch’s Baby: Sandals Resorts

Marcia Erskine profiles one of the Caribbean's most successful entrepreneurs, Jamaica's Gordon Butch Stewart

St. George's, the capital of Grenada. Photograph by Jim Rudin

Postcard From Grenada

Jim Rudin and Alister Hughes on how to relax and unwind in the Caribbean's Spice Island

Illustration by Gregory St Bernard

The Little Donkey

A Caribbean story for children by Donna Yawching

Illustration by Salini Seereeram

Last word: the Grenada travel cop

Sharon Almerigi falls in love with a Grenada traffic cop

Illustrations by Shalini Seereeram

Caribbean Kitchen (Spring 1995)

International chef Joe Brown continues his Caribbean journey with two favourite dishes from the English-speaking countries of the region


Upbeat (Spring 1995)

New Caribbean Music