Issue 6
(Summer 1993)

In this Issue:

Cover picture: Darrell Jones

Issue 6


Illustration by Tomomi Kaharabata

Charging by the Head

Paul Keens-Douglas seeks out a quiet beach and gets embroiled in a furious dispute about the economics of hair-braiding

Photograph by Michael Hadden

Trinidad & Tobago’s Great Race at 25

Trinidad and Tobago's Great Race

Forest living: Emerald Tower Resort at Madewini. Photograph by James Henderson

Guyana Gold: A New Tourism

A vast land of forest and mountain, river and waterfall, Guyana is developing a kind of tourism new to the Caribbean.

Author Ian Thompson

Ian Thomson: Hooked on Haiti

Kathryn Topham meets Ian Thomson, the author of a new full-length book on one of the Caribbean's most intriguing countries - Haiti

With Banyan colleagues Tony Hall (left) and Christopher Laird (right) at Brimstone Hill, St. Kitts. Photograph courtesy Caribbean Eye

Mister Theatre: Ken Corsbie

Broadcaster and performer, writer and storyteller, Ken Corsbie wants people to discover each other through theatre.


Caribbean Bookshelf (Summer 1993)

Some new and recent books about the Caribbean

Mustapha Matura. Photograph by David Ross

Mustapha Matura: My London

The Caribbean-born playwright Mustapaha Matura settled in London three decades ago. He explains what he loves best about his adopted home

Phyllis Allfrey in the last years of her life. Photograph courtesy Impact Photos

Phyllis Alfrey: The Art of Living Together

Polly Pattullo looks back at the achievement of Dominica's writer-politician, Phyllis Alfrey

Crop Over. Photograph by Eleanor Chandler

Pick of the Crop: Barbados’ Crop Over

Once the feast that marked the end of the sugar harvest, the Carnival-like Crop Over festival is now the biggest event in Barbados' calendar

I.J. Boodhoo with his painting Song to Lakshmi. Photograph by Bruce Paddington

Isaiah James Boodhoo: Poet of the Plains

Boodhoo doesn't paint single pictures: he produces a series at a time, on anything from Derek Walcott's poems to the life of Trinidad's Caroni plains

Sunsplash star Ninja Man. Photograph by Dreamy Riley

Sunsplash: Reggae to Go

Jamaica's annual Sunsplash festival has become one of the world's great musical events and the nerve centre of reggae music

Ready for the plunge: Jobos Beach, Puerto Rico. Photograph Darrell Jones

Surf’s Up! The Caribbean’s Best Surfing

The Caribbean islands offer some of the best surfing in the world. Learn about the next surfing season and where to find the most exciting breaks

"The Lord Jesus" meets seasons challenger Laurie Graves

Why Warri

Rooted in Africa, warri is a board game of fiendish complexity, and is still played in Barbados and Antigua. Meet the last of the warriors