Issue 60
(March/April 2003)

In this Issue:

Issue 60


Photography by Jenni Francis, Carriacou Maroon Music Festival/ Grenada Board of Tourism

Festival Beat: the Drums of Carriacou

In one of the Caribbean's tiniest communities, Simon Lee finds that the rhythms of history still stir the blood and move the spirit

Illustration by James Hackett

Fooled on a Hill: Antigua’s Greencastle Hill

The stones of Antigua’s Greencastle Hill are thought to be the remains of an ancient observatory. Simon Lee sets out to find them, and discovers the shortest route's not always the easiest

Illustration by Christopher Cozier

The Nightmare Republic

In The Comedians, Graham Greene peered into the heart of Caribbean darkness. James Ferguson examines this morailty tale set in Papa Doc's Haiti

The famous moment: Michael Manley (left) and Edward Seaga (right) join hands at Bob Marley's insistence. Photograph by Urbanimagetv/ 56 Hope Rd. Music

Remembering the One Love Concert for Peace

Garry Steckles remembers the legendery Bob Marley Concert that was a defining moment in the history of Jamaica

Photograph by Eric Macnatt

Raoul Peck: A Vision of His Own

Since the release of his latest feature film, Lumumba, director Raoul Peck’s star has been rapidly rising

Photograph by David Wears

Bask in the Glow

Michele Agostini finds out what it’s like to party with the “angels” at Trinidad’s ethereal Glow fete.

Sean Paul. Photograph courtesy VP Records

Sean Paul, Marlon Samuels, Ramnaresh Sarwan and Giselle Salandy

Sean Paul takes his “dutty rock” to new heights, Treason offers a soca-ragga beat so fierce it should be outlawed, plus three young sports stars and much more

Laura Facey at work in her studio. Photograph by Franz Marzouca

Laura Facey: Beauty and the Beast

Laura Facey’s art tells a personal story of family trials, inner suffering, and eventual recovery, leaving nothing to spare

Scientists from UWI Seismic Research Unit in the field. Photograph courtesy the Seismic Research Unit/ University of the West Indies

Caribbean Volcanoes: Fire Down Below

Most of the islands of the Lesser Antilles are the products of ancient volcanic activity, evidence of restless forces seething beneath the earth's surface

Photograph courtesy The Tourism and Hotel Association of Guyana

Seeking The Green Antilles: Caribbean Eco Adventures

There’s much more to the Caribbean than our glorious sun, sand and sea. The region is a hotspot of biodiversity, boasting gorgeous natural landscapes