Issue 67
(May/June 2004)

In this Issue:

Meggie 101

What is a meggie? Attillah Springer explains

Not (Banana) Bread Alone

Anu Lakhan rhapsodies over baked goods

Barbadian saxophinist Seaman, whose music is distributed by the CRS label

Music Pirates of the Caribbean

Richard Costas investigates music piracy in the Caribbean

The mile high club band

High Like The (Orange) Sky

With their unique soul-strumming rock-reggae sound and easy-going calypso vibe, the Orange Sky are the stars of Trinidad’s local rock music scene. Now they're making their most ambitious move yet: trying for an international breakthrough. Are they really ready for fame?

Ken Khouri in 2003

Ken Khouri: “I am the complete pioneer of everything”

"The late Jamaican record producer Ken Khouri on the early days of ska and reggae; as told to David Katz"

A Man, A Boat, A Fish

James Ferguson believes The Old Man and the Sea shows off all of Ernest Hemingway’s best qualities

Isaiah James Boodhoo in 1992, with his painting Song to Lakshmi

Isaiah James Boodhoo: Artist and Gentleman

Trinidadian artist and Caribbean Beat contributor Isaiah James Boodhoo, 1932–2004, remembered by Bruce Paddington

Braulio Carillo National Park

Costa Rica Adventure

Costa Rica, one of BWIA’s newest destinations, is a favourite with adventure tourists. From Pacific surfing to paragliding off a cliff, from white water rafting to zip lining through the cloud forest canopy- not to mention the smoking volcanoes waiting to be climbed- there's more than enough to keep the most restless visitor busy, while nature lovers marvel at the abundance of birds and butterflies

Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff: Still Coming Hard

Garry Steckles reports that reggae legend Jimmy Cliff sounds as good as ever

Ravi Rampaul

What’s fun and fresh in the Caribbean this month

Buzzworthy: Ravi Rampaul makes batsmen tremble; Cherie Jones tells the stories of Caribbean women; Abdel Wright wins fans in South Africa; Flo PG’s saucy style combines zouk with soca; Rishi Persad has the stuff of champions; Rekha gets ready for a dancehall breakthrough; and Paul Yellin shares his culinary passions

Everywhere at Cranbrook you hear the sound of rushing water

Cranbrook Gardens: Water, Water, Everywhere

Bounded by two pristine rivers near Jamaica’s north coast, the Cranbrook Flower Forest is a lush paradise of trees and lawns, trails and pools, and thousands of brilliant tropical blossoms. Martin Mordecai visits this tranquil 40-acre St Ann garden, created by master horticulturalist Ivan Linton in the grounds of a former coconut estate, and discovers that the sound of rushing water is music to the jaded soul. Plus six other magnificent Jamaican gardens worth exploring

Elaine Potter Richardson known as Jamaica Kincaid, a flamboyant young writer

Jamaica Kincaid: Looking Back In Anger

Angry, fearless, and sharply funny, Jamaica Kincaid’s novels and short stories explore the repossession of the self and the assertion of individual independence in the face of dehumanising history. Jeremy Taylor tells the story of Elaine Potter Richardson, the bookish girl from Antigua who moved to New York and reinvented herself as the celebrated writer Jamaica Kincaid

Band photos by Alex Smailes; cloud images Copyright Digital Vision

Issue 67