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Lord Kitchener, (with guitar), leads a group of West Indies fans onto the pitch after seeing their team beat England. Photograph by Press Association Images

The triumph of calypso cricket

Garry Steckles recreates a Test match at Lord's that made sporting and cultural history.

A Christmas staple, pastelles are made with cornmeal and are filled with minced beef, chicken, soya or lentils. Photograph by Shirley Bahadur

At Christmas your heart goes home

Franka Philip warms her cockles by adding a Caribbean touch to her table.

Albert Laveau. Photograph courtesy Albert Laveau

Albert Laveau: A Man for All Seasons

Actor Albert Laveau tells Judy Raymond how he's guiding the Trinidad Theatre Workshop into its next half-century .

Limbo dancers perform in the cabaret section of London's first ever West Indian-style carnival. Photograph by Donald Hinds

Notting Hill Carnival: Mas and the mother country

It's Europe's biggest street festival, but it got off to an unlikely start – indoors, in winter, with a crowd of a thousand people.

Edgar Mittelholzer. Photograph courtesy Herman Mittelholzer

Edgar Mittelholzer: the Dark One

Edgar Mittelholzer produced over a dozen books, despite the shadows that closed around him. James Ferguson celebrates his struggle .

Performing at a Vintage Kaiso show at the Queen`s Park Savannah. Photograph courtesy Trinidad Express

Merchant, is that you?

He died a decade ago, but Laura Dowrich-Phillips finds that Merchant's peers have not forgotten this great calypsonian.

Bob Marley. Photograph by David Corio

Bob Marley: Eating the Bread of Sorrow

No one knew it was reggae superstar Bob Marley's last world tour. His biographer Garry Steckles is still weeping and wailing over missing it.

The Signal Hill choir on the opening night of their 25th anniversary performance at Naparima Bowl, Trinidad. Photograph courtesy Signal Hill Choir/Anthony Harris

Signal Hill: The people’s voice

Tobago's Signal Hill Alumni Choir has travelled the world to perform. Jonathan Ali listened to their siren song.

Michael Holgate. Photograph courtesy Macmillan Caribbean

Reviews (November/December 2009)

The new music, the movies and the books that are reflecting the region right now.

Inside the Salle des Reclusionnaires – the solitary confinement area – on Ile Royale. Photograph by Nicholas Laughlin

The man with the butterfly tattoo

Real-life adventure or just a rollicking good yarn? Nicholas Laughlin reads between the lines of Papillon, the classic account of an escape.