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Issue 23


St. Lucia Sea Fever

What a life... Chris Huxley in St. Lucia can’t decide whether to paraglide or windsurf, scuba or waterski.

Passing Cloud

An early, poignant short story by Sam Sevlon .

The Bird Man: Jean-Jacques Fougère-Audubon

The great painter of American birds, Jean-Jacques Fougère-Audubon, was born in the Caribbean. Caroline Popovic investigates.

The Wine of Astonishment

Nazma Muller meets her match in a Jamaican night-club.

Photograph by Sean Drakes

Trinidad Carnival: The People’s Party

Pat Ganase on Trinidad's Carnival (and why you should be there).

Caribbean Bookshelf (January/February 1997)

What's new in Caribbean books.

Caribbean Poets: Vibert Reach Home

Paul Keens-Douglas on why Vibert is in deep trouble.

New Music from the Caribbean

What's new in Caribbean Music.

Jamaica Cool

Jamaica means reggae and Blue Mountain coffee, Bob Marley and Rastafari, and gorgeous beaches. Georgia Popplewell explores. .