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Wilmott at the Joytown Learning Centre with a class of young children. Photograph by Wayne Tippetts

Pastor Bobby Wilmott: Trench Town Triumph

Pastor Bobby Wilmott is a man who’s bent on converting Jamaica’s rough Trench Town into a place of hope he calls Joytown. Chris Salewicz explains.

Issue 40


Caribbean Christmas Recipes

Chef Khalid Mohammed’s Caribbean Christmas spread recipes.

How I lost my camera in Havana

Simon Lee keeps his memories of Havana safe.

Courtesy Forestry Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Trinidad and Tobago

Pawi, Please!

The elusive pawi has been hunted in the forest of Trinidad. Now the bird that many people believed did not exist is making an appearance.

"Yarico" and "Inkle" fall in love. Photograph by Corrie Scott/ Holders Season

Yarico: Staging slavery in 1999

Jane Bryce on the musical production that tackles a subject usually avoided in Barbados- slavery.

Christophe’s Citadelle

Christophe’s Citadelle

James Ferguson on The Kingdon of This World, Alejo Carpentier's short novel on the Haitian Revolution.

Where George Washington Slept

Suzanne Gordon on the restoration of the house shared by the young George Washington and his step-brother in 1751.

Carlton Ellington Cushnie. Photograph by Buchanan Communications Ltd.

Money Man: Carlton Ellington Cushnie

Jamaican-born Carl Cushnie is one of Britain's top business men.



New music from the Caribbean.