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Illustration by Shalini Seereram

Caribbean Christmas Recipes

Traditional Caribbean Christmas recipes.

Fourth of July Fireworks over the Capitol dome. Photograph by Washington Dc Convention & Visitors Association

Postcard from Washington

Long on monuments, museums, and atmosphere, Washington DC is a city with grandeur to spare and more than a few happening neighbourhoods. Donna Yawching on the unique pleasures of America’s capital.

Sporting Links

C.L.R. James, the renowned Trinidadian cricket writer and political historian, once argued that sport was as high an art form as painting or theatre. Surely, then, Sir Garry Sobers, Ato Boldon, and Brian Lara must be among our greatest artists. Here are some sites that celebrate the Caribbean genius for artful athletics and the visitors who share that passion..

Great Leonid meteor shower of 1933. Taken from an old plate by Maura Imbert.

Celestial Manoeuvres

Asteroids may be destructive, but they may also have triggered the creation of life on earth. Maura Imbert explores the phenomenon.

New and recent books about the Caribbean (November/December 2002)

New and recent books about the Caribbean (November/December 2002)


Caribbean Stocking Stuffers

Garry Steckles’s Caribbean music wish list.

Upbeat (November/December 2002)

Upbeat (November/December 2002)

New music from the Caribbean.

Photograph by Catherine Gillo

Carnival Messiah

Haffezar Khan is wowed by Geraldine Connor's British production of Carnival Messiah.

Barrington Watson. Photograph by Anton Modeste

Art Beat: Barrington Watson

Jamaican artist Barrington Watson has parlayed a European education into the modern classical Caribbean style for which he’s celebrated. Donna Yawching talks to this graceful master of technique and Caribbean spirit.

Illustration by Marlon Griffith

Oh what fun it is to ride on a Sikorsky S76A

The holiday season is here, bringing with it Soca Santas, Martiniquan carols, Hindu and Muslim festivals, music and film. Simon Lee on the season's offerings - and his mixed chance to be a flying Saint Nick.