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Issue 61


André Tanker: Music Beyond Measure

André Michael Tanker, September 25, 1941 - February 28, 2003 Georgia Popplewell looks back on the life and times of Trinidad's beloved musical master .

West Indies Cricket: The Next 11 . . .

From Jamaica in the north to Guyana in the south, thousands of young players keep cricket alive on our streets, playgrounds, and beaches. Their passion, talent, and joy are what guarantee the continuing success of the game. Dylan Kerrigan, with some expert advice, has assembled a team's worth of gifted youngsters who shone at the 2002 regional under -15- tournament. They and their peers are the future of West Indies cricket.

Carnivorous And Proud Of It

Away with your salads and tofu! Anu Lakhan defends the pleasures of flesh.

Domino Effect

James Ferguson discovers a clever investigation of life, the universe, and dominoes in Frank Martinus Arion's novel.

Peter Abrahams: The View From Coyaba

Peter Abrahams: The View From Coyaba

Born in South Africa, the celebrated novelist Peter Abrahams has lived in Jamaica for over 40 years, bringing his unique historical perspective to bear on the culture and society of his adopted homeland. Jane Bryce reads Abrahams's memoir, The Coyaba Chronicles, and reflects on a life at the centre of the 20th century's great questions..

Beat People

Staceyann Chin tells it like it is, Little X sees the big picture, Marinna Taitt makes an online home for Caribbean arts, and two Guyanese boxers win world title glory.

Last Word (March/April 2004)

On the voyage of the Gli Gli, Simon Lee becomes an honorary Carib.

Tony Cozier: A Voice And Vision

For 40 years he's been the instantly recognisable voice of West Indies cricket. Among contemporary cricket commentators, Tony Cozier has no betters, and few equals. He's seen the team at its most invincible, and its most vulnerable, and at every stage in between. Georgia Popplewell discovers the inside story of Cozier's long and sometimes intimate relationship with the West Indies cricket team.

Good, Bad and Ugly Bugs

Call them bugs or call them bacteria - the tiny creepy crawlies are all around us. They can make us sick, but they can also be good for us. Maura Imbert investigates the usefulness of these ubiquitous micro-organisms.