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Studio legend: Clement Dodd

Clement “Sir Coxsone” Dodd, Jamaica’s legendary record producer and nurturer of reggae artists, died in May. Music writer David Katz remembers his career.

Albert Gomes: Missing in action

Who remembers Albert Gomes? For more than 30 years he loomed large over the cultural and political scene in Trinidad, and then he suddenly disappeared.

Ice cream dreams

A special section on some favourite Caribbean temptations.

What the Caribbean is talking about this month

What the Caribbean is talking about this month

Soulful princess: She’s the latest singing sensation out of Cuba. Find out about her and her first album, Yusa • Buzzworthy • and much more....

Summer Olympics 2004: Caribbean contenders

This issue of Caribbean Beat is dedicated to the Caribbean athletes who will be fighting to bring back medals and honours from the summer Olympics in Athens.

Looking for horn

Dylan Kerrigan on the subtle secrets of horn language. (And, no, it’s not what you think.).

“Chalkdust”: Calling it like he sees it

Garry Steckles tips his hat to Dr Hollis Liverpool, otherwise known as the Mighty Chalkdust, who won his sixth Calypso Monarch title this year.

A home from the hemisphere

Port of Spain is hoping to be chosen this year as the headquarters for the Free Trade Area of the Americas, the new trading bloc that will stretch from Alaska to Patagonia. Richard Costas weighs the city's chances.

Brave new world

James Ferguson on V. S. Reid’s New Day, a novel set against Jamaica’s march towards freedom.

Bernadette Persaud: “I’m trying to show that here is beauty”

Guyanese artist Bernadette Persaud tells Ruel Johnson about her work and her quest to reveal the beauty in all things, even in cultural loss, even in the man with a gun.