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West Indian Rhythm Box Set. Photograph courtesy The Classic Calypso Collective

West Indian Rhythm: “The real native music”

West Indian Rhythm transports listeners to the early days of calypso in Trinidad.

Phyllodytes auratus, better known as the Golden Tree Frog. Photograph by Professor Julian Kenny

Eco buzz (May/June 2007)

Trinidad’s mountains are alive with animal life • Caribbean anthuriums make a comeback thanks to groundbreaking research.

Emergency: Arthur Atkinson, oil on canvas, 1969. Photograph courtesy the Barbados National Art Gallery Committee

Home is where the art is

Barbadian art will finally find a home when the planned Barbados art gallery is built.

Leatherback at Shell Beach, Guyana. Photograph courtesy Guyana Marine Turtle Conservation Society/Michelle Kalamandeen

Michelle Kalamandeen: “It’s commitment that counts”

Michelle Kalamandeen tells Caroline Taylor why she has a special love for Guyana’s Shell Beach.

Footage from the 2006 Curaçao Dive Festival. Photograph courtesy the Curaçao Tourism Corp - North America

Island hopper (May/June 2007)

What’s happening in the Caribbean in May and June.

Zadd and Eastman of Trinidad at Caribbean Fashion Week, Jamaica. Photograph courtesy Zadd and Eastman


Laura Dowrich-Phillips looks at the region’s premiere fashion event, the Caribbean Fashion Week in Jamaica.

Top Gun. Photograph by Tim Wright

Sea and be seen

Angostura Sail Week 2007 promises to be full of surprises.

Viburt Bernard of Sybil’s Bakery. Photograph courtesy Viburt Bernard

Making it in New York

Erline Andrews seeks out successful Caribbean entrepreneurs in New York.

Carlos Lezama: The Father of Brooklyn Carnival. Photograph by Glenda Cadogan

Passing of a king of carnival: Carlos Lezama

Carlos Lezama, “the Father of Brooklyn Carnival”, hailed as a shining example.

Toronto Islanders, with Trini friends, form a Cow Band for J`Ouvert, Carnival 1987. Photograph by Gera Dillon

Fire and ice

A settlement of Canadians builds Trinidad-style costumes in the bitter winter of the Great Lakes. Donna Yawching questions their sanity.