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Jizelle Salandy defends her three world titles against Yahaira Hernandez on Boxing Day in Trinidad. Photograph courtesy Trinidad Express

Jizelle Salandy: glory in the ring

She lived fast and died young, but not before winning record numbers of world boxing titles. We remember her short, triumphant life.

Illustration by Darren Cheewah

Mosuitoes: the perfect swarm

James Fuller was enchanted by the idea of sleeping under the snowy billows of a mosquito net. But then he found out why he needed one….

With excited fans around him, Wyclef Jean belts out one of his hits at Festival Village, St Maarten. Photograph by Judy Fitzpatrick

Wyclef Jean: Haitian sensation

Musician Wyclef Jean says he’ll never forget his Caribbean roots. Judy Fitzpatrick caught up with him when he came to perform in St Maarten .

The Mighty Duke onstage, displaying his famous sartorial elegance. Photograph courtesy Trinidad Express

A pope, a king and a duke: remembering the Mighty Duke

Keith Smith pays tribute to the Mighty Duke, the veteran calypsonian who died this year.

Beckett painting for the film Alabaster Moon. Photograph by Michele Jorsling

Sarah Beckett: mixed media

Sarah Beckett has been a painter since coming to Trinidad in the 1960s, but her work also incorporates music, poetry and film.

Green dendrobium orchids and orange Chinese lanterns. Photograph courtesy Preston Bailey Entertainment and Set Designs/John Labbe

Preston Bailey: “for a party you want people to remember… Enough is not enough”

That might be the motto of Preston Bailey, who designs décor for the stars. Donna Yawching was dazzled by his Panamanian pzazz.

Pulse`s Kimanee McDonald in Zadd. Photograph courtesy Pulse

Happenings (May/June 2009)

A round-up of current events on the Caribbean calendar.

Soaps from Italblends, Jamaica. Photograph courtesy ItalBlends/Susan Lee Queew

Natural beauty the West Indian way

Plants and herbs have been used for centuries by the many peoples of the region for their medicinal qualities.

Kanki, a Kalinago dish of sweetened manioc and spices. Photograph by Celia Sorhaindo

Time stands still in Touna Auté, Dominica

This is a real Amerindian village, not a quaint replica for the benefit of tourists. Paul Crask visits where Dominica’s past meets the present.

Beenie Man, at the launch of his biography in Jamaica last year. Photograph courtesy Great House Omnimedia Ltd

Reviews (May/June 2009)

The new music and books that are reflecting the region right now.